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On TikTok: The Announcement of What’s Next 2023 Trending Report

On TikTok, that means thinking about trends—what content has shaped this year and what will have the biggest impact next year. Our latest What’s Next report shows how some social and cultural sentiments are changing, and how those changes will impact how marketers are reaching out to TikTok audiences in the new year. 카지노사이트

Read on for an overview of some of the top trends covered in the report, as well as first-hand insights from popular TikTok creator and marketer Andrea Casanova (@latinapreneur). Andrea will explain how the platform has changed over the last year and what brands should consider when planning their next campaigns.

2023: A New Era of Trust

The past 12 months have been a time of reflection for the global TikTok community. After surviving the quarantine, they realized they didn’t have to live like they’d always done and follow social norms like working in the office five days a week or getting married and having children.

They shared real and personal stories related to these changes. It brought communities together and helped people discover new ways of thinking. Over the next year, the fellowship will inspire one another to make changes in their daily lives with renewed confidence. Content on TikTok is so closely related that people often take action when they see their For You pages.

Sometimes this action is as simple as buying a product or trying a recipe. But in 2023, the platform will have a more profound impact. Faced with a changing economy, health and climate challenges, and personal stress, people will seek new paths to success, happiness, and well-being. And TikTok will be the tool to help you find them. Based on global scientific research, we predict that TikTok in 2023 will be shaped by three trending macro forces: convenient entertainment, creating spaces for joy, and community ideals.

I. Performance-worthy Entertainment

We have closed the era of clickbait. People are tired of misleading thumbnails and videos that start with “wait till the end”; in the interest of providing mechanical CTA. Marketers need to offer viewers more in 2023, which means creating videos that grab attention and inspire trust.

Attracting attention is the entertainment value of the film. TikTok ads are considered entertaining if they are entertaining, personalized, and inspirational. These creative elements will be critical to success on the platform as in-store content becomes less and less profitable.

However, trust depends on who is telling your brand story. Our users love seeing content from the people they link to. When a TikTok creator shares the characteristics or interests of your audience, their content is more relevant and meaningful to viewers. Viewers also feel more connected to industry and subject matter experts who bring knowledge and advice to their videos.

Andrea Casanova is an influential writer specializing in content related to marketing and career advice. Also, use TikTok as a place to have fun and learn new tricks. The videos on her For You page influence her daily habits, especially when it comes to skincare. “I was one of those people who would just take a bar of soap and rub it all over my face and end the day. But now I’m taking the time to take care of my skin,” Andrzej said. She was more inspired by the results and advice of other designers who shared her skin type.(Again, relativity increases confidence.) 온라인카지노사이트

II. Making room for joy

One last thing? Endless to-do lists. Since the pandemic, people have reevaluated their relationships with work, hobbies, and relationships, and many of them have come to the same conclusion: They’re burned out.You want to create a real and meaningful space for yourself in 2023, and much of that will come from prioritizing joy in all its forms. humor is a great way to make TikTok users happy.

It helps them connect and tell stories, not to mention the power it has in helping marketers reach their audiences. Audio trends, in particular, allow you to take advantage of what users find funny and bring a little hilarity. (Remember #CornKid?This type of moment is a great way to reach your audience without any worries.) Marketers can also give users ideas on how to indulge themselves on any budget.

There are countless trends inspiring small luxuries, from tips for designing the perfect bathroom to tips on how to brew stylish coffee at home. When brands use these corners of the platform, they help people create moments of joy in their lives. brands should ask users for help by “offering a solution to a problem they’ve been struggling with for a while or ways to take their molds to the next level”; Andrew said.”TikTok users like feeling understood.”

III. Community-Created Ideals

Universal ideals fade as people adopt specific and diverse lifestyles. TikTok communities that are both specific and closely related help users quickly find new interests and priorities. From there, they broaden their horizons and inspire each other to transform their lives. TikTok is not a town hall.

It’s a collection of hyper-personal spaces for people to explore their passions and live their lives. When people look for ways to disrupt the status quo, they look to TikTok for peers and role models who are already living the way they want to. “The TikTok culture has influenced the types of conversations we conveniently have online. That vulnerability, openness, and sense of community help viewers feel less alone in their daily struggles. said Andre. “#039;I’m not alone” is a constant thought as viewers scroll down the For You page.”

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